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School-Student-Desk Combo Deals


Choose Your Screen Type, PLUS receive standard items with it!

Screen Type Options:
  1. “C-School-1”: 1# Roll-Up Desk Screen
  2. “C-School-2”: 1# Fold-Flat Modular Desk Screen
With each option you get:
  • 1# V0 Face shields
  • 1# Plain Buffs
  • 1# Pocket spray sanitiser (15ml)
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Combo Deal – Students and/or Schools

The school student protection combo deals, in other words, convenience for you. Get the kit to start protecting them as much as possible. To clarify, with the kit you can ensure that they will be more protected from the coronavirus.

The School-Student-Desk Combo Deal Options are:
  • “C-School-1” deal supplied  with 1# Roll-Up Desk Screen that’s easy to install or setup and portable, OR;
  • “C-School-2” deal supplied  with 1# Fold-Flat Modular Desk Screen that is sturdier than the roll-up model, but still easy to install or setup and portable
    • And both options come supplied with:
    • 1# V0 Face Shield; A mask is mainly used to protects others, but a face shield will offer the wearer much more protection.
    • 1# A plain styled buff (neck gaiter); the traditional face mask too claustrophobic, a buff is the perfect reprieve due to its stretch fabric.
    • 1# Pocket spray sanitiser (15ml); The 15ml spray bottle lasts for quite a while due to its spray action system. Kills 99.9% of germs (tested). Contains 70% alcohol. Infused with Lemon Tea Tree plant extracts for added protection and uplifting natural scent. Antimicrobial, antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic.

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Personal PPE – Face Shields

Some Experts Say Face Shields Are Better Than Masks for Coronavirus Protection:

Collapsible Desk Screens and Protective Screen Barriers are just one of many other essential protective items and you should also consider face shield protection. It may not be commonplace in all public spaces just yet, but as the novel coronavirus pandemic continues, more are considering this type of protective wear. With face masks, there’s this lack of human connectivity and sense of anonymity when you only see the top part of someone’s face. A world without “genuine smiles”, not with face shields. It can also be difficult for people who have hearing loss to communicate when mouths are covered, muffling voices and hiding facial expressions. It can be reused indefinitely and easily cleaned with household disinfectants, just like Collapsible Desk Screens and Protective Screen Barriers.

Read more (external links): Healthy Living – Some Experts Say Face Shields Better Than Masks for Coronavirus Protection

Combo Deal

C-School-1, C-School-2


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