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Our Roots

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GAP Essentials

the child of
GAP Designs + GAP Printing and Packaging
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GAP Designs

GAP Designs, established in 1999/2000, to provide a service to clients where it designed and manufactured point of purchase displays as well as source and procure promotional and gifting or clients.

GAP Printing & Packaging

GAP Printing & Packaging came along to primarily focus on the print services and to improve in-house manufacturing and supply by adding counter builds and shopfitting to its services.

And now here we are, GAP Essentials, taking the online e-commerce journey with existing, new and essential offerings.

Due to COVID-19 a “reinvention” was required. Here we are in the midst of a global pandemic and we’ve had to adjust, change and take the journey to the online realm.

If you’re here, please take the time to accompany us further on this changing journey and we hope that you find value in one or more of our offerings or services or at the very least, be kind and give us some valuable insight and tips.

Clients/Brands We've Worked With